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We make featherie golf balls using the same tools, ingredients, and methods as the original craftsmen did.

Our goal is to bring the history of the old game alive for you.


When well-cared for and properly hit, a featherie ball can be surprisingly resilient. Learn here how to get the most out of your Hickory Lane Featherie.



Information and suppliers that will be useful for your featherie game, plus starter hickory club sets and single hickories that are available for purchase.


Our partners

K. Leonard Hickory Golf. Kelly Leonard makes gorgeous 19th -century long-nose clubs.

• Hickory Hacker. Hickory golf ambassador Christian Williams offers vlogs, advice, and insights on golf history.

Hickory and Links: Andy Grow is a hickory golf player, golf history nut, and golf course architecture enthusiast.

Elmer Nahum is the author of the Practical Clubmaking: A Guide to Long Nose Era Golf Clubmaking, an excellent how-to and golf history book.



With friends, we founded The Honorable Company of Hickory Golfers (in Illinois) in 2013.

As most of our outings were pre-1900s, we decided to dive deeper into the history of the featherie balls and make them ourselves. The Honorable Company now hosts a spring 

event—The Oddball—and a fall event—The Last Bash—each year, both of which include featherie golf since 2016.


Once you try featherie golf, the more you will appreciate what golf truly was, and what it can still be. 


Far and sure,

Denny and Cathy Lane

Hickory Lane Featherie

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To contact us or place an order...

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Balls are $30 each, plus shipping. You may order and request a total price here. Please include your mailing address. Payment via PayPal, Venmo, or check is appreciated.

If you need 10 or more balls in a single order, delivery could be delayed a week or more. Each ball is handmade and takes at least five days from start to completion.


Hickory Lane

East Peoria, Illinois 61611, USA

309/264-1098 or 309/264-1423

Thank you for your inquiry. We will respond promptly!

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