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How to get the most out of your Hickory Lane featherie.


Each Hickory Lane featherie is completely handmade using patterns, ingredients, materials, and tools we developed through historical research. We work hard to honor featherie traditions as closely as possible.


Back in the day, a golfer might need three or four balls per round. To get the most out of each featherie, kindly consider:


  • For driving, use a wood-headed club. Metal clubs are fine for chipping and putting.

  • For a more authentic experience, a sand tee is recommended.

  • The balls are made of natural materials: feathers and leather. Do not store them wet or in a sealed container, lest they soften or mold.

  • Normal play will cause the ball to soften and misshapen slightly.

  • Like the featheries of old, the balls vary in size and weight, and they are not perfectly round.

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